Ingrown Toe Nails

This condition is a result of the edge of the nail growing into the skin generally in the big toes but not always. This often results in infection which can be very painful. Ingrown toe nails can occur because of the shape and width of the nail, trauma, poor nail cutting technique or tight-fitting shoes.

We treat ingrown toe nails conservatively during a standard appointment, or using a minor surgical procedure depending on need and re occurrence. Sometimes antibiotics may be required alongside the treatments that we offer.

The minor surgical procedure appointment (nail surgery) will last for approximately one hour. It is important that you make arrangements for someone to drive you home afterwards. During this appointment your toe will be numbed with local anaesthetic and a section, or all of your nail is carefully removed. A chemical called phenol is usually applied to the nail bed to stop the section (or all) of the nail growing back to prevent the problem returning. A dressing will then be applied and you will be given instructions on self care. Healing usually takes about six weeks and follow up appointments will be made to check on your progress.

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