Verrucae and Warts

Verrucae are caused by a viral infection that has penetrated the skin. They remain on the skin until they are detected by your immune system and then the body initiates an immune response against them and they disappear. Someone with a compromised immune system might find that it takes a lot longer for verrucae to disappear that others.

Often verrucae are painful due to the build up of callus that overlays them which can be removed in clinic to relieve associated pain.
We aim to initiate this immune response and within a standard appointment salicylic acid or silver nitrate may be used. These treatments are not guaranteed to work and often patients choose to have the overlaying callus removed to ease the pain until they go themselves. If they are particularly painful our podiatrist Yaja offers verruca needling through numbing all or part of the foot and needling the affected area. This is a more effective but more time consuming procedure.

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